Lawn Treatment Program

Application Timing
Visit 1 Granular Preemergent + Spring Fertilizer Early Spring
Visit 2 Blanket Liquid Spray for Broadleaf Weeds Mid Spring
Visit 3 Blanket Liquid Spray for Broadleaf Weeds and Yellow Nutsedge Late Spring - Early Summer
Visit 4 Liquid Preemergent Applied same day as Visit 3
Visit 5 Granular Grub control + Fertilizer Early - Late Summer
Visit 6 Granular Fall Fertilizer Early Fall
Visit 7 Granular High Nitrogen Winter Late Fall

Lawn Treatment Program Estimated Costs

Application Cost
Application Count
Total Cost

All application timings listed above are approximate and can be influenced by weather conditions such as excessive rains, heat waves, and drought.


Seeding and Aerating

While the applications outlined above are great at feeding your existing grass and keeping the weeds out, they are not an ideal solution to adding thickness or fixing bare spots within your lawn. In order to achieve this, a combination of seeding and aerating is highly recommended.

Aerating pulls plugs of soil from the ground to relieve compaction and allows water and air to more freely reach the roots of your grass. All the little holes and loose soil left after aerating creates a great environment for grass seed germination which is why aerating and seeding are generally done together. Seeding and aerating is done during the early fall months and is billed according to seed prices at the time. If you wish to receive an estimate for this service, contact me in July or August to discuss rates and timing.