2024 Lawn Treatment Program

Application 1: Granular preemergent + spring fertilizer (March)Some weeds are better controlled by preventing the seed from germinating. This is where preemergents come in. The most common weeds preemergents are used to control are grassy weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass, and foxtail, with crabgrass by far being the most common and well-known. Preemergents work best when applied just before soil temperatures are warm enough for seed germination. To control crabgrass in warmer parts of the lawn such as driveways, curbs, and sidewalks, we apply preemergent in early spring just before seeds are expected to begin germinating in these areas. Preemergents prevent all grassy seeds from germinating. If you wish to plant grass seed in spring please let us know so we can avoid applying preemergents in those areas. And an early spring slow release fertilizer is included to wake your lawn up and send it into the season looking vibrant and healthy.
Application 2: Blanket liquid spray for broadleaf weeds (April-Mid May)Many broadleaf weeds that emerge in spring are cool season weeds that begin slowly growing in fall or winter, but don’t fully awaken and become noticeable until early spring. Broadleaf weeds are best controlled with liquid post emergent herbicides applied when weeds are young and actively growing. We spray these pesky cool season weeds early in the spring so that you don’t have to spend your whole spring looking at them.
Application 3: Granular preemergent + spring fertilizer (Mid May-June)Preemergents applied in the first application are good for controlling weedy grasses that germinate in the warmer parts of your lawn, the parts that stay cool for longer and germinate later need a second application which when applied in mid to late spring works to control crabgrass germination up till the end of summer when it’s the right time to sow good grass seed. Remember, preemergents prevent ALL seeds from germinating. Even good grass seed. A slow release fertilizer is included to keep your lawn fed and looking green and strong for the rest of the spring.
Application 4: Granular Grub control + fertilizer (July-Mid August)Several species of beetles lay eggs which hatch in late summer and begin feeding on your lawns roots. Left alone this can decimate entire sections of your lawn. We apply grub control mid summer to kill these pests before they have a chance to cause damage. This application must be watered in soon after the application to take effect. We include a fertilizer heavy in potassium which helps your lawn heat stress, and the effects of draught and disease.
Application 5: Blanket spray for lawn feeding insects (Same day as Application 4)Many insects feed on the surface part of your grass which can really weaken the lawn, especially in mid to late summer when grass is at its weakest. For this reason we include a blanket insecticide spray in mid summer to kill these pests. This has the added benefit of killing any fleas and ticks which may be in the lawn at the time. Because we are spraying the entire lawn, we also take this opportunity to add weed killer to blanket spray you lawn for summer weeds if we feel it is needed and spot spraying is insufficient.
Application 6: Fall fertilizer (Mid August-September)We include and early fall fertilizer in our program because lawns take a beating during the brutal summer months and can make great use of a hefty dose of fertilizer in early fall once they are coming out of the summer dormancy.
Application 7: Winter fertilizer (Mid October-Mid November) A high nitrogen fertilizer applied just before your lawn goes to bed in the winter is the healthiest fertilizer application your lawn can receive. The key to a healthy lawn is strong deep roots. In warmer weather grass uses most of the fertilizer to boost the top growth, the part that we see. In this application the grass uses most of the fertilizer to beef up its root system. The ensures that when your grass wakes up in spring of the next year healthy and stronger than ever and ready for what nature can throw at it.


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Lawn Treatment Pricing

Minimum Front and Back:
$60 per app
Minimum Front or Back only
$50 per app

Typical In town residential neighborhood property:

Under 10K sq. ft. of lawn area
$60-$80 per app
10k-15k sq. ft. of lawn area
$80-$100 per app
15k-25k sq. ft of lawn area
$100-$150 per app
25k-1 acre sq ft of lawn area
$150-$225 per app
Greater than 1 acre
$200-$225 per acre per app

Nate has been removing my leaves for two years. My yard looks perfect when he is finished. Last year he started fertilizing and weed control and my lawn has never looked better. He is timely, courteous and very professional.

-Dawne Parris

Nate has been taking care of our lawn for about eight years or so and he's always on time and does excellent work. I would recommend him anyone looking for a reliable and honest worker.

- Denise Deck-Porras

I really appreciate Nate at Greenstone Turf Care! I'm completely hands off as far as fertilizing, aerating and seeding. Nate times the applications well and is consistent. My yard looks great! I highly recommend his services!

- Chris Wendleton

Nathan has been helping me care for my yard for several years and has done a fantastic job. My yard always looks great when he’s done. He is professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him!

- Kelly White