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For nearly 15 years, Greenstone Turf Care has been reviving, rejuvenating, and maintaining beautiful lawns for KC residents. Whether it's weed control, fertilization, aeration, or you're simply wanting your lawn to shine, we've got you covered. 


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Lawn care company in Blue Springs, MO

A rich, well-maintained lawn is the ideal green foliage for bright herbaceous boundaries, an incredible setting for your summer picnics, and surprisingly a home to birds and other natural life. We at Greenstone Turf Care provide the best service to keep your lawn lush and green all year round. 

Our certified specialists utilize professional-quality equipment and products suited to the exclusive needs of your property. 

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Say Goodbye to Weeds and Hello to a Beautiful Lawn

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Greenstone Turf Care is the top lawn care company for maintaining a lush and green lawn. Our certified specialists utilize professional equipment and products for weed control and are customized to the unique needs of your property.

Whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor living space or create a natural habitat for wildlife, we have the expertise to achieve your goals. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the impact of what lawn treatment can do for the health of your lawn. 

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The Secret to a Healthy Lawn: Our Top-Rated Lawn Maintenance and Weed Control Solutions

If you’re searching for incredible and reliable lawn maintenance services, you have come to the right place. We provide you immaculate, cost-effective services at Greenstone Turf Care. 

We believe that every lawn requires a different set of approaches for its maintenance. From lawn mowing to lawn health treatments, our experts provide you services specifically designed according to your requirements.

Greenstone Turf Care offers the best maintenance services for your residential and commercial properties. Contact us now to talk with an industry expert about turf care services for your home or business. 

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Lawn Maintenance and Weed Control Programs

Greenstone has been working to design, develop, maintain, and enhance turf care for years to make your lawns lush in every season. We provide our clients the following services with pride here in Blue Springs.

Mowing the grass at constant intervals ensures you are breathing life in it. Proper mowing doesn’t just give your turf an alluring appearance, it also expands the thickness of the shafts hence growing lush, jeweled grass.  

Greenstone Turf Care company provides you professional lawn mowing services at economic prices without any compromise on the quality. 

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Like all plants, grass needs essential nutrients for proper growth. Generally, lawns are not able to get all nutrients naturally. That is why our technicians recommend lawn fertilization to fulfill the nutrient requirements. 

We provide complete lawn care fertilization services whether it is one-time or ongoing turf care treatment. 

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There is no bigger threat to your turf and its vibrancy than weeds! Even the well-kept lawns fall under the attack of common weeds. Greenstone Turf Care offers a wide range of weed control services as per your needs. If you have a particular problem with yellow nutsedge or ground covers such as clover, creeping charlie, or wild violet, we offer unique solutions to these tough weeds that our competitors struggle to control.  

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Grubs are a dreadful issue to have on your lawn. They can cause serious harm to your turf, costing an arm and leg to fix it. Our grub control experts provide the best treatment without harming your grass and surrounding plants.

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Lawn aeration is very important for turf care. It enhances the turf’s root’s ability to absorb oxygen, water, and other supplements so that the grass can be nourished. This treatment done alongside grass seeding is one of the best things you can do for your struggling lawn.

Contact us if you think your lawn needs lawn aeration.

Is your lawn spotted, patchy, and showing uneven growth? It is time for lawn seeding. As the lawn gets older, it needs to be revived. Seeding along with aeration will give you much better results than seeding alone. 

Contact our experts for the best quality lawn seeding services to make your lawn a carpet of glossy grass.

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Why Greenstone Turf Care

We aim to provide reliable lawn care services for our clients. We offer affordable lawn care based on preferences of the client and needs of the turf. We ensure the lawns remain in top-notch condition. 

Our company is proud of maintaining an exceptional standard of lawn restoration services. We come from a strong turf management background and have a great professional sense of how things work within the industry. 

Personalization is the key towards the success of our lawn care services. We believe in giving our customers the right amount of personalized and professional approach to every project.

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Nate has been removing my leaves for two years. My yard looks perfect when he is finished. Last year he started fertilizing and weed control and my lawn has never looked better. He is timely, courteous and very professional.

-Dawne Parris

Nate has been taking care of our lawn for about eight years or so and he's always on time and does excellent work. I would recommend him anyone looking for a reliable and honest worker.

- Denise Deck-Porras

I really appreciate Nate at Greenstone Turf Care! I'm completely hands off as far as fertilizing, aerating and seeding. Nate times the applications well and is consistent. My yard looks great! I highly recommend his services!

- Chris Wendleton

Nathan has been helping me care for my yard for several years and has done a fantastic job. My yard always looks great when he’s done. He is professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him!

- Kelly White

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    Stop spending hours on lawn care. Hire Greenstone and free up your weekend schedule.

    If you are looking for a highly professional lawn service company in your area, look no more. We assure you that Greenstone Turf Care has got everything you need to keep your lawn looking its best.

    Our lawn service company will provide your lawn with the right solutions that it has been waiting for. Hire Greenstone Turf Care, enjoy a greener lawn.

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